Long Time…No Blog

Christy Augustin

What awesome weather we have been blessed with lately…I’m thinking of switching my daily brew from iced to steaming hot! Speaking of hot coffee, we have come up with an delish Fall Spice latte. Caramel syrup with local honey and tons of great pumpkin pie spices. We will be starting up hot chocolate production soon (beginning of October) and well, if I do say so myself, it is just the best hot chocolate in the world!!

Pint Size had a great write-up in the RFT…check it out here

There was also this super cool video gone viral that features a ton of local businesses, us included. Mos def wanna take a peek or two at this

Lastly, we are really excited to take part in Slow Food St Louis’ Art of Food this year. I have been privileged to be involved in quite a few Slow Food events over the years and they are all so much fun and more importantly such good food! See you Saturday

Okay, I guess one more ;-) Come see us at LinFest in Lindenwood Park on Saturday October 6th. The bakery will be open as well that day. We are planning on pumpkin cupcakes & decorated gingerbread cookies to start.

Pup Treats & Other News

Saturdays have become such a fast & fun day! We get sooo many doggie visitors on their morning walks that we have started baking up some pumpkin-whole wheat snacks for them too…we luv our furry friends & would even make kitty treats if the felines weren’t so picky. Trust us, I have 3 lil beasts at home that want no special treats other than straight meat!

Speaking of Saturdays…the Salted Caramel Croissants have been flying out the window. We can barely keep up! We make a limited number of them as well as cinnamon rolls & sticky buns each Saturday – the yeasty goodness starts coming out of the oven around 930am and lasts till about 1130-12noon. We are working on upping production…but handmade goodness in our tiny kitchen is hard work & there is a limit on what we can do each week.

So for those of you that have been missing out…we are sorry:(

We have been talking non-stop in the bakery about Fall & all the great flavors we can whip up…sweet potato, apple, gingerbread, oh my!

C U Soon!!

Busy Little Bees…

4 tier wedding cake

I hope the above link works – cuz it’s Pint Size on the news again (Fox 2) making our BLT muffins. The recipe can be found in this months Sauce Magazine along with our awesome Cranberry Crunch cookies.

Like that beautiful wedding cake? So did we & we couldn’t have been happier for Chris & Meredith. The bride even made the jam that went in between the layers herself! We were just thrilled to be involved in this St. Louis homespun wedding.

Thanks everyone out there for being loyal customers, liking us on facebook and following us on twitter!

Wow…At A Loss For Words!

I can’t believe we have been open so long…& I really can’t believe it’s been such a short time. Does that make sense? Well, for those that have spent some time at Pint Size…ya gets me:)

We have been truly, truly blessed with some awesome press. It is just, well, fabulous!!! FEAST Magazine and Sauce Magazine have embraced us with open arms and we are so grateful and continue to be humbled by the response to our tiny, tiny bakery. But to “take it up a notch” we have also been on the TV! Great Day St. Louis, along with FEAST, asked us to demo a recipe that can be found in this months magazine *(a super cool article with pics that just might have been shot in Matt & Christy’s backyard) AND…Tim Ezell from Fox 2 News came to feature the bakery LIVE this past Tuesday.

We are feeling pretty flipping special these days & are trying not to let it go to our heads. When the hours in the day drag on and we are cleaning floor drains before going home, it can get easy to feel so awesome…ha ha!

Can’t wait to meet more customers, their cute dogs & super cute kids!

Luv ya…Christy (the mastermind), Matt (the dishwasher), Chelcea (the workhorse), Meaghan (the spirit), Chanel (the glue holding us all together) & Cathy (the smiling face behind the counter & the one we wish would work every single day)!

Meet The New Dogs

I have so very much to say and not the breath to do so. I just wanted to leave a quick update to say how amazing the Lindenwood Park neighbors are and how humbled and thrilled we are to be a part of it all.

Our first week was overwhelmingly busy and we were forced to close early more than once. To recover, we are closing tomorrow (a normal business day) to restock with all our favorite doughs, batters, etc.

Gotta push harder, get better and never fail you the fabulous customers of Pint Size!

Updated pictures to come…for now, sleep!