I’m a lucky girl

This is the view from my “desk” & I love it!  Pint Size is more than busting at the seams in preparation for the holidays this year – we have received so much love from our customers that it truly sustains us during the long hours (well that along with a heavy dose of sugar & caffeine).  We can’t wait to continue to grow with you, speaking of which this is our new fancy website and I know you just love it.  Thank you to Spry Digital for doing such a great job & being awesome customers to boot.

I’m sure you won’t believe me, but we are finally going to have some Pint Size swag to sell – t-shirts from our friends at Art Farm & the cutest iced coffee/water cups are both on order.

Keep us in mind for all your holiday baking & gift giving this year.

TTFN, luv Pint Size

Holy Cannoli!

OMG…OMG…OMG…It’s been a wild and crazy ride already this year. So much great love from our neighbors, customers, good friends and the press. We can barely keep up. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook as we update our page daily with tons of great stuff – pictures of special items, cute cakes, fun cookies and


Can you tell what that pic is? Ruffles! Buttercream ruffles on a 1st bday smash cake that is!

Check out these great links…but more importantly, come visit, buy a cookie and a vanilla bean latte…you won’t regret it.

The Princess and the Punk

Hometown Star

Sweet Somethings

RFT Best Bakery 2012

RFT Best Dish 2012 – Oatmeal Creme Pies

Hi There Sweetness

Don’t have much to say today…really just wanted to show you guys these cute cookies and let you know that we will have some super cool baseball caps soon from our friends @STLstyle.

We have also been selling coffee cup coozies and sweaters (yes, handknit sweaters:) to help keep your coffee and your hands nice and toasty – with the added benefit of saving some cardboard from the trash bin.

Look At Them Sticky Buns

Pecan & Almond Sticky Buns

Happy New Year!

Pint Size is closing all next week 1-1-13 through 1-5-13, we will reopen on Tuesday 1-8-13 ready to face 2013 and get things started with some fun fresh flavors. Matt & Christy will be spending this time in NYC celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary & checking out a ton of great bakeries while we are at it.

2012 finished with a bang for us. The RFT listed our tiny little bakery as one of the top 10 best restaurants to open in STL this year! Even better they think our oatmeal creme pies are one of the top 10 best dishes of the whole year!!!!!! OMG we feel really special.

Top 10 New Restaurants in St. Louis

Chew on This

It’s all because of you folks, our super great customers…so THANK YOU for all your support & understanding during our first few months in business.