Wow…At A Loss For Words!

I can’t believe we have been open so long…& I really can’t believe it’s been such a short time. Does that make sense? Well, for those that have spent some time at Pint Size…ya gets me:)

We have been truly, truly blessed with some awesome press. It is just, well, fabulous!!! FEAST Magazine and Sauce Magazine have embraced us with open arms and we are so grateful and continue to be humbled by the response to our tiny, tiny bakery. But to “take it up a notch” we have also been on the TV! Great Day St. Louis, along with FEAST, asked us to demo a recipe that can be found in this months magazine *(a super cool article with pics that just might have been shot in Matt & Christy’s backyard) AND…Tim Ezell from Fox 2 News came to feature the bakery LIVE this past Tuesday.

We are feeling pretty flipping special these days & are trying not to let it go to our heads. When the hours in the day drag on and we are cleaning floor drains before going home, it can get easy to feel so awesome…ha ha!

Can’t wait to meet more customers, their cute dogs & super cute kids!

Luv ya…Christy (the mastermind), Matt (the dishwasher), Chelcea (the workhorse), Meaghan (the spirit), Chanel (the glue holding us all together) & Cathy (the smiling face behind the counter & the one we wish would work every single day)!

Meet The New Dogs

I have so very much to say and not the breath to do so. I just wanted to leave a quick update to say how amazing the Lindenwood Park neighbors are and how humbled and thrilled we are to be a part of it all.

Our first week was overwhelmingly busy and we were forced to close early more than once. To recover, we are closing tomorrow (a normal business day) to restock with all our favorite doughs, batters, etc.

Gotta push harder, get better and never fail you the fabulous customers of Pint Size!

Updated pictures to come…for now, sleep!

May Day – May Day – May Day

May 1st it is – do or die!

There are so many little details to take care of…o many, in fact, that I am sure some will get forgotten, pushed aside or just given up altogether in this last push to get open.

So be forgiving our first few days and weeks and we promise to get better.

As if we didn’t have enough on our plate – we signed up for a really cool local festival of beer, pigs, coffee, and sweets at the Civil Life on May 6th. Tickets are available around town and at the bakery – $40 cash. Details at the link below.

Looking Good Ain’t She?

Our most awesome landlords (the owners of Pietro’s) had our building all beautied up and painted with accents of our now signature teal (Stiletto it’s called;)

The bowling alley lane countertop is done and is amazing – thank you super husband Matt!

The ovens have arrived and just, just barely fit.

Now for the electricity – which as of today is out of commission.

So…another hurdle to overcome – but the great news is we should have our occupancy permit this week. We met with our Health Dept inspector and she was thrilled at all the hardwork (and cleaning) that we have been doing. We are hopeful that the business license should be forthcoming tout suite.

PS. The lil duckie pic is just for fun – our farm fresh egg supplier (Harr Family Farms @ Soulard Market) has baby ducklings, Rhode Island Red chicks & Araucana chicks for sale right now for Easter. We wish we had time to start a tiny hen house in the backyard!

I can Feel It…Can You Feel It?

Wow…the city has been amazingly helpful, who woulda thunk it?
The inspections went well, just one minor thing to correct and we are that much closer to having our occupancy permit. Business license to follow…then? COOKIES;)

There is so much yet to do, but we are so close that I can taste it. It tastes like sugar and butter and almonds and chocolate and coffee with vanilla bean infused milk. I better stop.

Our ovens arrive on Wednesday, but we are still shopping for the giant mixer and many more small-wares. The painter should start super soon and new windows are on order. Can you feel it now?

For a glimpse into some items we will be baking and that you will really, really want to eat – check out the April issue of Feast Magazine for a 5 page spread of our quick breads. I can’t believe how great the article and pictures turned out.

I forgot to tell you, but Feast also wrote a snappy little online piece that you can find here –

While you are at it…don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @pintsizebakery and like us on Facebook.

See you soon.

(PS…yes I am a crazy cat lady with “in-bread” cats…meet Pickle, Cheddar Cheese Biscuit Head and Old Lady La La