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I can Feel It…Can You Feel It?

Wow…the city has been amazingly helpful, who woulda thunk it?
The inspections went well, just one minor thing to correct and we are that much closer to having our occupancy permit. Business license to follow…then? COOKIES;)

There is so much yet to do, but we are so close that I can taste it. It tastes like sugar and butter and almonds and chocolate and coffee with vanilla bean infused milk. I better stop.

Our ovens arrive on Wednesday, but we are still shopping for the giant mixer and many more small-wares. The painter should start super soon and new windows are on order. Can you feel it now?

For a glimpse into some items we will be baking and that you will really, really want to eat – check out the April issue of Feast Magazine for a 5 page spread of our quick breads. I can’t believe how great the article and pictures turned out.

I forgot to tell you, but Feast also wrote a snappy little online piece that you can find here –

While you are at it…don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @pintsizebakery and like us on Facebook.

See you soon.

(PS…yes I am a crazy cat lady with “in-bread” cats…meet Pickle, Cheddar Cheese Biscuit Head and Old Lady La La

Meet the Press

our oaties

What an exciting day we had on Monday…woke to discover we had been “scooped” by Sauce magazine!

We still have some work to do on getting things up and running – finalizing our financing (got cash? call me;)) – negotiating the lease – buying equipment – etc, etc…

The response on facebook & twitter has been awesome and our spirits are buoyed by everyone’s enthusiasm for our little bakery project.

Speaking of facebook & twitter, find us, like us, tweet us. We would put a link here, but we don’t know how (know how & want to help for free, call me;))