At Pint Size Bakery & Coffee we pride ourselves on using eggs straight from local farms, milk & cream from pasture raised cows, sustainably raised meats, pure butter, real cane sugar & unbleached flour in our baked goods.  We are seasonally focused, baking with strawberries just in the spring & the best local apples each fall.  We make jams, jellies & fillings to stretch the seasons just like grandma did.  But most importantly, we use simply the best quality raw ingredients we can get our hands on.

"BLT" muffin

“BLT” muffin by greg rannells

We bake from scratch, in small batches each day so that we can give our customers the freshest baked goods around.  Our superb baked goodies come out warm from the oven throughout the morning and afternoon, but supplies dwindle as the day goes on.  While we have our staples, we also offer a rotating variety of house-made pastries & sweets that change with the seasons & our most fickle whims.

To make sure you love us even more, we can keep you fully caffeinated with Kaldi’s brewed coffee and espresso drinks.  All our syrups are made in house & you truly cannot get a tastier vanilla bean latte anywhere!

We will do our bestest to make sure most of what you see below is available…but the beauty of our tiny bakery is that you never quite know what we are up to!

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PS…we are peanut-free.